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“Guidelines for Achieving Success in All Areas of Life: 12 Rules to Follow”


LIFE can be hectic, life can be cruel, and life can be unfair. The struggle is real. We women are creatures filled with emotions. Maybe because of that, we can sink ourselves into a pool of depression. Many women have asked me, if is it possible to create the life you want, to be contented, to be balanced. There...


KAMI, di Ladybosz mengucapkan selamat menyambut Hari Kemerdekaan negara tercinta kita Malaysia yang ke 66 tahun. Semoga negara tercinta ini bertambah makmur dan dirahmati Allah SWT...Amin

Monday Blues… Inilah Saya!


MENJADI kebiasaan saya bangun 5 pagi, solat Tahajjud. Sambil menunggu solat Subuh, bergolek-golek atas katil. Nak sambung tidur, mata tak boleh lelap, berdebar memikirkan banyak kerja yang tertunggak. Capai telefon bimbit, buka emel. 8,400 emails... Adui...Mesti banyak junk email juga ni. Dalam keluhan, satu persatu email dibuka dan diahih-agihkan. Mana yang junk, mana yang penting. Tak mungkin dalam hidup ini kita...

The dos & don’ts of a blended family


MARRIAGE is hard work. Then, factor in your stepchildren, ex-spouse, money matters and all sorts of obstacles. Marriage is more than a chore! I had once given up on the idea of marriage. I believed in it, but I just thought it was next to impossible to find the right partner. Now, I have evolved to enjoy all the good...

How to maximise your time and get more done in a day


I often get asked how do I manage to get so many things done. I must admit, I find it challenging to juggle my roles as a wife, mother of five, a daughter, and as a boss running multiple businesses. At times, carrying these responsibilities can be overwhelming but the rewards have always been wonderful. Of course, I wish there...

How do we sell the most expensive bag in the world


When I started KABINET PRIVE it was meant to be a hobby and before I know it, we have become one of the most reputable Private Concierge in the world. From Hermes bags, to exclusive yachts and bespoke high jewellery and rare diamonds, Kabinet Prive has delivered them all. My experience in Private Banking sector has allowed me to...

Five ways I save myself from toxic people


To me, the single biggest obstacle to success is negative thinking. We all strive for happiness but too often we let other people and their negativity affect us, and we eventually become a victim of circumstance. Ask yourself, "What makes you happy the most?" You will not find happiness in material things like wealth, fame, power or beauty. You can...

Five things I learnt from my children

Life lessons I have learnt from observing my children

On my birthdays, my father would always slyly quip, “Dah tua tapi perangai macam budak-budak (You're a year older, but you never grow up).” Every year, without fail, well into my 40s. I used to find that annoying. I always thought that I was a very well-behaved kid growing up. Well, mostly. When it comes to my favourite food, I...

Labor is pain


Labor is Pain... Literally! I am now entering a first stage labour. Since last night, contractions woke me up constantly. After hours, I am now having contractions 5 - 10 minutes apart. Learning about all the technical aspects of childbirth is definitely valuable for me, doing all the breathing technic and pelvic floor muscle exercise with yoga and pilates sure help...

Happy Father’s Day


Growing up I remember so clearly moments after moments spending time with my dad, Baba. I think he is the coolest dad ever. I tailed him in almost all of his activities. Whether it was Badminton, Chess, Cards, Softball, football, Sepak Takraw, he taught us all. Four sisters, all of us were very active in sports. We lived in...

I swear


Anytime now… 9 October 2013 is Mawar Mikaila expected due date. 1 October 2013... Most women probably say their excited. I am more nervous than anything else. Since her conception until now I kept telling myself and everyone, nothing changes. I am still me,  the same Rosz. So many doubts come to my mind. Will I be able to juggle with work...

Start the day positive


Not always... No matter how I love my morning to be positive, energetic,  full of inspiration and hope, we are human being. Waking up happy and excited isn't easy for most of us. There are a lot of articles to give us tips to start  your day with positive attitude. My life is as busy as it gets. I run...