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As rare as they come

The Constance 24 Black Shiny Porosus with Diamonds

Nearly every self respecting handbag collector can often be heard whispering the names Birkin or Kelly.  The Constance bag is seldom heard as it is so understated that only the truest collectors have them in their Kabinet Prive (private cabinet) collection.Hermés bags are known to be the most sought after bags in the world. Due to its notoriously low production rates and high demand, they are extremely difficult to get hold of. Add to that the seldom seen Diamond Encrusted Hardware and it does not get better than that.

The diamond bags of Hermes have been around for a long time but only recently attracted massive publicity, both good and bad. Collectors simply have them for the simple reason that this precious asset will never go down in value. Himalaya Diamond Birkin 30 is now infamous as the Holy Grail of all bags having twice secured the title of the “worlds’ most expensive handbag”. Since the introduction of the Handbags and Accessories category in early 2000’s at the renowned Christie’s, year after year Hermés bags encrusted with diamonds have been breaking world record pricing.  A recent record holder includes a USD222,000 Birkin Pink Fushia Crocodile skin beauty and again, also adorned with diamonds on gold hardware. This Fushia Birkin 30 Diamond is the same colour that has been seen toted by Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, that has shocked the entire world. A quick internet search with keywords “Hermes”, “Birkin”, “Diamonds” will bring up hundreds of images and articles due to its fame.

A lesser known gem, never seen in the public eye, the ultimate beauty and very precious, and hence why it is perhaps the rarest of the rare would be the piece we have been waiting to announce.  Stamped “X” (2016), it is a clear mark that we have literally only obtained this bag very very recently.

The Constance 24 in Black Shiny Porosus with White Gold and Diamonds is as rare as it gets. Known for its classic clean lines with adjustable strap lengths, the Constance 24cm is the perfect go to bag for the elegant lady. Hermes Constance was first created back in 1959, and was constructed by in house designer Catherine Chalet who named the bag after her daughter. Constance has then become one of Hermes most loved bags by celebrities and was a personal favourite of Jackie O. Its timeless silhouette is reflective of Hermes impeccable craftsmanship.

This exotic crocodile leather piece adorned with just the perfect touch of diamonds is sure to only draw the attention of true collectors and not just those that are influenced by what is splashed on the news and social media. Made from Porosus skin, the best range of exotic with perfect small scales, the diamonds are much heavier and there is a lot more compared to the Birkin or Kelly versions. Regardless of the bag design, Black Shiny or Matte Porosus has also always fetched an extremely high premium for its incredible versatility as the bag that matches all outfits.

Having laid down the facts, there are really no words to describe the true beauty of the Constance 24 Black Shiny Porosus with White Gold and Diamonds. We have tried our best to capture its beauty through photos and video, but there is really nothing like laying your eyes on the actual piece.  I am so honoured to have been offered such a precious beauty from the Hermes boutique and I truly had to decide to purchase it or not due to its heavy investment. Never been carried, stored in a perfect box, I however open it to admire her once in a while. Christie’s has been trying to get hold of it but I am not yet ready to let it go.

As investors of art pieces may relate to, this is my Picasso.

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Black Shiny Porosus encrusted with diamonds. Who can resist? Diamonds and handbags are a girl’s best friends. I am just going to keep her safe until the right owner comes along. Let us just pray that I live long enough to wait for its appreciation.

Very few collectors appreciate its rarity and beauty. Only 2 Constance 24 Black was made in 2016. Never been seen in the secondary market, its rarity is legendary

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